What is E-business consulting?

An E-business consultant advises clients about using the Internet to help them achieve their business goals.

We know and understand how the search engine algorithms operate . We have developed our skills through out the years by engaging with mentors that exceed in their field of expertise. It has been a long journey but very educating for us to be where we are today.

The E-business consultant advises on the E-business life cycle including:

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  • The business case for a website
  • Website accessibility testing and advice
  • website development briefs
  • Content audits and advice
  • Online marketing plans
  • Website testing services
  • Search engine optimisation (seo)
  • Facilitation of focus groups
  • Expert reviews of websites
  • Website usability advice
  • Analysis and reporting on focus group feedback
  • Information architecture design
  • E-commerce advice
  • Engagement strategies

The one thing that we can honestly say is we know how to get you and your business branded and noticed online. We also know where to find your potential clients and where they are hanging out as well That is a bold statement but we do stand over it as this area is so over emphasized by many others out there.

Selling a product or a service online is very rewarding,but I do stress” but” there is certain criteria that has to be met and know what the web search crawlers are looking for.

We at iWeb Solutions believe in providing you the client, first rate integrated marketing strategies that follow proven best practices. Our objectives are to grow your web properties for long term sustainable results leading to unprecedented growth and increased revenues for your business no matter what industry or niche you are in. If you choose to put your online future in our hands we’ll honor your investment in us by applying strategies that don’t jeopardize your business or online success for short term success as so many in this industry do.

We look at you the client and your needs on a case by case basis to craft the most successful strategies to dominate in their market and industry. We are very experienced in this area and will provide you the best overall strategies catapulting your online marketing goals for long term sustainable results. We at iWeb Solutions take a focused approach as if you were the only client we have, dedicating our expertise to maximize your investment.

We recognize and acknowledge your trust in iWeb Solutions by appreciating and applying your investment in our expertise producing effective results on your behalf. We take pride in implementing your investment in us as though it was our own assets not to be squandered.Our mission is to help your business with online marketing goals with real value and earn your continued trust in us resulting in your recommendation of our service to your closest business associates.

In order to prosper and grow your online business you need a Strategy solution designed to your needs.

If you are looking to be found online when someone searches your name or business or to sell a product or a service online I would be delighted for you to get in touch with me so I can arrange an appointment to further discuss what you wish to accomplish online. And maybe I can help you achieve your goals or targets.

Meet Our Team

  • Pat Brosnan


    Pat Brosnan is an Internet marketing veteran of 20 years working in the SEM/SEO sector.He have seen such a huge amount of changes in the algorithms over the years,some were questionable and more were over due to conquer the Black hat techniques that took hold of this industry.He have worked with many companies in all different niches ranging from your start-up to the multi- national and International businesses.See some of my Testimonialshttps://www.iwebsolutions.co/testimonials-pageGoogle reviews. https://tinyurl.com/yy4lx6beMy team and myself are results driven to do our best for each client that we engage with.From concept to creation: Website analysis to keyword research,to developing an online strategy to get you a better online presence and a greater R.O.I.

    • Rayanne Thorn

      Mobile-ad Strategist

      • Santosh Sharma

        SEO Virtual Assistant

        • Hasan Khan

          SEO Citation Manager

          • Mukesh Gawale

            Web Development

            • Sameer Bhosle


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