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What is a business website assessment?

04WebsiteAssessmentA complete and comprehensive, professional review of your website. Better than any of the free automatically generated reports, these assessments are fully detailed to meet your business needs.
A website assessment will help you:

  • Get more targeted traffic visiting your site.
  • Keep your visitors on the site for longer.
  • Have you H-tags in your content ?
  • How good are your present keywords?
  • Do you have backlinks in your site and how many?
  • Increase your search engine visibility.

Your competition,you would like to know why they are out ranking you?

How come I don’t rank in Google?

This can be down to a number of factors for instance:

  • Design – comments on your overall design, it’s clarity and how well it supports your marketing message
  • Navigation – is your site clear, easy to understand and simple to get around? This is essential for having a successful website. Remember you have 4-6 seconds to grab the visitors imagination.
  • Basic SEO – How do you rank in Google and other search engines? And what keywords do you have opportunities to rank with that you are not using at the moment.
  • Basic website elements – Important, items on your site should have such as title tags, footer links and sitemaps and how to get these important elements on your site
  • Images – are they optimized for size, usability and search engines
  • Code – is the code behind your website compliant with coding standards (if it’s not, it can cause issues in various browsers)
  • Social – do you engage in social media and if so, how effectively
  • Content management – are you using one and if not, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be managing your own website’s content – it’s inexpensive to setup and easy to manage yourself

We can also give you an assessment of your competition,and how and why they are ranking better than you!

Scope of Services:

Our Search Engine Optimization starts with knowing where you’re currently at. Only then can you determine where you want to be. Our 6-step SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. After the audit, we’ll propose a plan tailored to your needs that will show how we’ll get you the final results. Here’s how we’ll approach the audit:

1. Getting the lay of the land?

The first thing we do when auditing your website for SEO is configure our crawling tools and start collecting data associated with your site to learn where you currently rank. We’ll review your Google Analytics and review your traffic patterns and consult Google Webmaster Tools free diagnostic tools. Having all of this data at our disposal we’re ready to begin the audit.

2. Auditing Accessibility

This part of the audit looks at how search engines are currently able to access your website. We want to make sure the basics are there and nothing is impeding the engines from crawling the pages. We’ll review the following:

 Robots.txt
 Robots meta tag
 HTTP status codes
 XML sitemaps
 Site architecture
 Flash or Javascript navigation

3. Indexability

Once we determine that search engines can access your pages, next we want to make sure they’re actually indexing them (including them in results).

We do this quite simply by running search queries through Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and learning how many pages on your website are being indexed. We’ll run brand searches along with basic keywords (industry, product, location) and recording the results.

In the event you’re being blocked we’ll dig to learn why and then propose a solution for fixing any errors to get your site back in the rankings.

4. On-Page Ranking Factors

Now that we’ve determined that your site is being indexed and crawled, we’ll review more about what factors on your site influence those rankings. We’ll look at the following items:

 URLs
 Since a URL is the entry point to a page's content, it's a logical place to begin our on-page analysis.
 URL-based duplicate content
 Page Speed Analysis

URLs are often responsible for the majority of duplicate content on a website because every URL represents a unique entry point into the site. If two distinct URLs point to the same page (without the use of redirection), search engines believe two distinct pages exist.

Google Tag Manager, Analytics & Webmaster Account Setup and Maintenance

Implementing GTM is a straight-forward process and the capabilities are endless. Your Tag Manager account allows you to administer the tags for one or more websites or mobile apps.

Here are benefits of Google Tag Manager :

1. Future-proof your website:
2. Speed
3. Flexibility
4. Debug Options
5. Version Control
6. User Permissions
7. Built-In Tags
8. Event Listeners

Information Architecture

Information architecture defines how information is laid out on the site. It is the blueprint for how your site presents information (and how you expect visitors to consume that information). During the audit, we’ll ensure that each of your site’s pages has a purpose. We’ll also verify that each of your targeted keywords is being represented by a page on your site.

Keyword Cannibalism

Keyword cannibalism describes the situation where your site has multiple pages that target the same keyword. When multiple pages target a keyword, it creates confusion for the search engines, and more importantly, it creates confusion for visitors.

Duplicate Content

Your site has duplicate content if multiple pages contain the same (or nearly the same) content. Unfortunately, these pages can be both internal and external (i.e., hosted on a different domain).

HTML Markup

The markup in the source code of your pages is extremely important for how pages get crawled. We’ll focus on the title tags and meta descriptions, while also paying attention to headings and images.

HTML Sitemap
301 Redirection
Fix Page Errors
Privacy Policy Page


When one page links to another, that link is an endorsement of the receiving page’s quality. Thus, an important part of the audit is making sure your site links to other high quality sites.

5. Website Performance

Website Performance is key of success for any website or apps. A general survey reports that, if your website take more than 6-7s of time to load , User leave such sites quickly, That means speed is going to play a vital role here. As per google latest update, Google clarifies it too – They will give priority to those sites whose loading time is extremely slow, means website should load very fast. Same like Google, we also count is as primary requirements and always try our best to achieve success result as per google standards.

6. Competitive Analysis

After we’ve reviewed your site in detail, we’ll also compare it against 3 competitors in all of the ways listed above, and compile the data down into actionable items.


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