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Link Building Strategies

link-building-tips-150x150Link building strategies can determine the value of website based on the number and quality of other websites linking to it. Further defining the quality of a website may be determined by several factors including the age of a site, relevance of the site material, and the amount of credible links which point to that site.

Link PopularityThis structuring is commonly referred to as Link Popularity and the process of improving link popularity is referred to as Link Building. Other than Search Engine Optimization, there is probably no other single more significant factor in the ranking of a website than Link Popularity. Link popularity is a measure that Search engine that search engines use to determine how popular and relevant your site is. Link popularity used to be a quantitative measure only concerned with the number of inbound links. However with spammers’ efforts to skew the fairness of the internet, Search Engine Algorithm gives more weight to the qualitative aspect of the incoming links. Google, for instance, will reward a site with higher ranking when the mentioned website draws quality inbound links that are relevant to its theme. Thus a website with quality incoming links will rank better then a competitor with many more irrelevant and poor quality inbound links.

Link Baiting Providing something of interest in your website will create and induce a number of inbound links with out having to actively solicit them. For instance, If you operate a site targeting potential home buyers, You may consider adding a free mortgage calculator or even offer the html code for another website to offer the freebie in exchange for a footer link. Providing freebies not only will pay off in leads, quality links, but positions you and your website as an authority and expert in the field.

DirectoriesDirectory linking is not to be confused with those internet offers “to submit to 10,000 directories for $49.99”. Those offers are a complete waist of time and not only don’t bring any results but may backfire and raise spam flags

Text link ads With increased awareness of issues like relevance and off the page factors text links have become a great way of boosting your site’s relevance and thus search engine placement the ways traditional graphical banner ads can not.

Article Submissions – A well written article, meaning with both interesting content and Search engine optimized is an excellent way of promoting your site. Article need to has a compelling and relevant content which means that an inbound link from an authority source positions your site as a reference at the same time positions you as an expert in the field.

index-150x150Press releasesPress releases are a powerful tool to tell the world your news, about your products, marketing alliances, products features or new business ideas. Plus your press release will be delivered to the industries you are targeting giving you more tremendous exposure.

Search Engine Optimized press releases Your search engine optimized press release not only will give you exposure but will also be optimized so that when they are posted online will bring you valuable traffic that will help boost your online ranking and visibility as a whole.

Every website’s approach is different in the sense that we never approach Search Engine Marketing in a “one method fits all”. Our approach to link building will include to a different degree a mix of Press releases, article writing, link exchange programs, text links, directory links, or paid text links.

The main part of our link building SEO work is to concentrate on building quaility and relevant links from other website pointing to your website.

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