Keyword Strategy


Keyword Strategy is the Key

There could be tens of thousands of keyword strategy related to your website. You need to target as many as you can, creating pages of content on your website that match the keywords people are searching for.

Find the best keyword strategy, create great content, and work your tail off and you’ll reap the benefits of search engine optimization – the best marketing method there is.

Here is a keyword strategy implemented by iWeb Solutions

Import and export keywords
Get suggestions for thousands of new keywords related to your website.
See how many people are searching for different keywords every month.
Judge the competition to find out which keywords could be easiest to rank for in the search engines.
Organize your keywords however you like with Tags
Filter your keywords, to just look at a few at a time.
Blacklist keywords so you never have to deal with them again.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics to discover additional keywords and track which are sending you the most traffic.
Track your rank in the search engines to see which pages are doing well, and which ones need more work.
Find all your internal and external links.
Manage your keywords for many websites.

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