How to Rank for Your Competitors

ranking-methodsThere are a lot of different opinions floating around the water cooler about whether using your competitor’s name and associated keywords is an effective SEO option or not. Logically, it would make sense that you could redirect some of the traffic to their website to yours instead, but many dispute if the number of redirected individuals is high enough to make a difference. With some name brand items, the results certainly indicate that the use of the competitor’s name is highly effective, but that is definitely not always the case. There are certain types of websites that would benefit from different kinds of ecommerce SEO strategies.

How-To Sites & Keywords

With websites that generate CPC or cost per click from organic search terms or brand names, it is apparent that these sites should use the competitor’s name in their product details to generate the most amount of traffic. Studies have shown that with how-to sites, like ones that deal with assembling furniture or using certain specific electronic devices, the utilization of a brand name in the title or description is incredibly effective. People are more likely to direct their traffic to your how-to site if they know the article in question is directly related to the product they are specifically looking for. That means that ecommerce associated with the SEO keywords is exactly what businesses are looking for.

Review Sites & Ecommerce

Similarly to the how-to sites, review sites actually depend upon the use of competitor’s names in their depiction. Without this brand name recognition, many websites would not be capable of generating the amount of traffic they need to be effective. The CPC or cost per click of each review site is dependent upon the individual consumer using the specific keywords that are directly related to the product in question.

The Majority of Sites & CPC

The review sites and the how-to sites are in the vast minority of websites that benefit from the usage of a competitor’s keywords or name in their descriptions. For the most part, websites that have their own products or that are reselling certain products do not actually benefit from the use of certain terms in their product depictions. Obviously, the keywords should be popular and common enough to generate a great deal of traffic, but they should not be a redirection to your website from someone else’s.

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