SEO Report

What is a business website assessment?

04WebsiteAssessmentA complete and comprehensive, professional review of your website. Better than any of the free automatically generated reports, these assessments are fully detailed to meet your business needs.
A website assessment will help you:

  • Get more targeted traffic visiting your site.
  • Keep your visitors on the site for longer.
  • Have you H-tags in your content ?
  • How good are your present keywords?
  • Do you have backlinks in your site and how many?
  • Increase your search engine visibility.

Your competition,you would like to know why they are out ranking you?

How come I don’t rank in Google?

This can be down to a number of factors for instance:

  • Design – comments on your overall design, it’s clarity and how well it supports your marketing message
  • Navigation – is your site clear, easy to understand and simple to get around? This is essential for having a successful website. Remember you have 4-6 seconds to grab the visitors imagination.
  • Basic SEO – How do you rank in Google and other search engines? And what keywords do you have opportunities to rank with that you are not using at the moment.
  • Basic website elements – Important, items on your site should have such as title tags, footer links and sitemaps and how to get these important elements on your site
  • Images – are they optimized for size, usability and search engines
  • Code – is the code behind your website compliant with coding standards (if it’s not, it can cause issues in various browsers)
  • Social – do you engage in social media and if so, how effectively
  • Content management – are you using one and if not, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be managing your own website’s content – it’s inexpensive to setup and easy to manage yourself

We can also give you an assessment of your competition,and how and why they are ranking better than you!

As you can see,we provide an overall and through assessment of your website, its performance and how effective it appears to be at promoting your business.

Cost,yes there is a cost but not as bad as you may think!




If you wish to have a assessment report for your site please submit your details here.