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We specialise in Digital Business Intelligence Marketing. This is  the process of generating  traffic and marketing strategies to improve your online sales and revenue. The creation of marketing sales funnel’s and getting you a return for your investment

Digital business intelligence Marketing as this is also called  would be also known as search engine marketing but in much greater depth.

We know and understand how the search engine algorithms operate . We have developed our skills through out the years by engaging with mentors that exceed in their field of expertise. It has been a long journey but very educating for us to be where we are today.

The one thing that we can honestly say is we know how to get you and your business branded and noticed online.We also know where to find your potential clients and where they are hanging out as well That is a bold statement but we do stand over it as this area is so over emphasized by many others out there.

Selling a product or a service online is very rewarding,but I do stress” but” there is certain criteria that  has to be met and know what the web search crawlers are looking for. We wont go into that here in this intro that is explained in another page on this site.

We at iWeb Solutions believes in providing you the client, first rate integrated marketing strategies that follow proven best practices. Our objectives are to grow your web properties for long term sustainable results leading to unprecedented growth and increased revenues for your business no matter what industry or niche you are in. If you choose to put your future online in our hands we’ll honor your investment in us by applying strategies that don’t jeopardize your business online success for short term success as so many in this industry do.

There are countless web designers that are great at designing websites but have very little knowledge how to get your website ranking for maximum results. That’s where we come in and make a difference. You can count on us to create the path forward to take your business to the highest level leading to greater returns on your internet marketing investment.

We look at you the client and your needs on a case by case basis to craft the most successful strategies to dominate in their market and industry. We are very experienced in this area and will provide you the best overall strategies catapulting your online marketing goals for long term sustainable results. We at iWeb Solutions take a  focused approach as if you were the only client we have, dedicating our expertise to maximize your investment.

We recognize and acknowledge your trust in iWeb Solutions by appreciating and applying your investment in our expertise producing effective results on your behalf. We take pride in implementing your investment in us as though it was our own assets not to be squandered.Our mission is to help your business with online marketing goals with real value and earn your continued trust in us resulting in your recommendation of our service to your closest business associates.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is the life blood of successful online marketing. There are so many factors that go into effective SEO, it takes highly trained and skilled people to accomplish impactful results. These factors are primarily a culmination of creative content marketing, engaging social media marketing, specific on page   SEO, effective back-linking strategies, mobile friendly websites and many other factors within each one. Don’t worry if none of this makes sense to you, just be assured we are able to cater to all of your needs to create an all encompassing solution that is designed to continuously add to and grow your revenues.

In order to prosper and grow your online business you need a Strategy solution designed to your needs.

If you are looking to be found online when someone searches your name or business or to sell a product or a service online I would be delighted for you to get in touch with me so I can arrange an appointment to further discuss what you wish to accomplish online. And maybe I can help you achieve your goals or targets.

We wish you well and hope you achieve your goals


Digital Business Intelligence Marketing  and Keyword research are our speciality

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We had been changing our website often enough, trying to make it better and get better Google rankings by creating content and blogs. We thought we had some idea of how to accomplish our goals. We were mistaken.
Engaging with Pat was a comfortable and great learning experience. No tall tales promising everything, good explanations on what had to be done now and what we would have to continue to do on an ongoing basis. There is a “process”, and Pat has it figured out, and even more appealing is that he continues to stay up do date with trends happening to keep having it figured out also.
Pat got to work on our site making sure all the fundamentals were in place, added the right tools to it and then took us through the whole process of keeping it up to date in a well explained manner. We are delighted that now, moving forward we can accomplish what it is we want from our website with a lot more confidence.
To date we have no hesitation in recommending Pat and iWeb Solutions to our customers and people enquiring about SEO.

Mike Lithgow
Managing Director
Revolution IT Ltd
Unit 7 Udaras Business Park, Ballyvourney, Cork, Ireland. Ph. +353 26 24985

Mike Lithgow
Managing Director, Revolution IT Ltd
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